Friday, April 30, 2010

Week 5 Lavender Fields Farm opens for the season!

Lavender Fields Farm is now open daily from 10am-4pm.
Saturday is the 1st of May and we all know what that means!  For Lavender Fields Farm at Warrington Manor that means Opening Day, so to speak.      
This gorgeous iris bed is the first thing you'll seeing when you arrive at the Lavender Fields Farm.  As you travel up the driveway you'll be greated by hundreds of potted lavender plants.  All of the potted plants are for sale and there are tons to choose from.  We have several varieties of both English lavender and French Lavender.  A few of the more popular ones are Hidcote, Lady, Provence, White Provence, Fat Spike, Munstead, and Dutch.  I could go on and on but come out and see us and we'll help you find one to suit your garden perfectly!   
Happy May 1st!
Come out and see us at Lavender Fields Farm
We're open daily 10-4
See ya soon,

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week 4 The Wisteria is in Bloom!!!

Lavender Fields Farm at Warrington Manor isn't just a Lavender Farm there is so much more to see and enjoy.  Everyone that knows and loves the Lavender Farm has a favorite "thing".  For instance, we have several ladies that come out to the lavender farm just to visit the cats. (Next week we'll talk cats, but let me just say, when I die I would like to come back as a cat!) 
OK, back to favorites, everyone has one.  Some people visit for the vegetable garden others for the Herb Gardens.  Many people come to sit and relax in the shade underneath the Grove.  But, generally if you ask someone what their favorite thing at Lavender Fields Farm is they will quickly answer The Labyrinth. 
The Lavender Fields Labyrinth is an exact duplicate of the Labyrinth embedded in the floor of the Cathedral of Chartres (Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral). The Chartres Cathedral is located about 80 km from Paris and was dedicated on October 24, 1260. It has eleven circuits, is 42 feet in diameter and a ½ mile journey to walk both in and out.
At this time of year the french lavender that surrounds the labyrinth isn't in bloom but... the wisteria is blooming enmasse and is beautiful!

I would imagine the wisteria will quickly become one of the many favorite things to visit here at Lavender Fields Farm at Warrington Manor in beautiful Southern Delaware!

Hope to see you soon!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lavender Fields Farms opens store in Easton!

So we've made it to Friday, the end of week 3 here at Lavender Fields Farm.  Hooray!  Everyone has been pitching in to get things ready for the May 1st opening of the Lavender Fields Farm at Warrington Manor.  There really is a lot to do, mainly repotting of all the lavender cuttings (new plants) that were taken in the fall.   The Lavender Ladies guestimate is close to 5000 baby lavender plants need to be repotted into bigger pots.  Kudos to owners Sharon Harris and Marie Mayer who have done almost all the repotting in less than a week!

So with all that needs to be done here at Lavender Fields Farm in Milton, De., the Lavender Ladies have decided to expand, why not right?!  Now you can find the Lavender Ladies at their new store in the Easton Market Square.  Easton is a beautiful and historic town located on Marylands Eastern Shore.

The Lavender Fields Farm Cottage Store will be open at the Easton Market Square, this weekend April 17.

Owner Marianne Etu was busy this week at the Easton Market Square Store filling the shelves with all things Lavender.  At the newly opened Cottage store you will find lavender plants, lavender soaps and lotions, lavender filled eye pillows and neckwraps...  Hold on let me scroll down and see what else they have to offer... Oh my goodness, the culinary lavender, lavender jellies and jams, Lavender Herbs de Provence, I could go on and on.
Better yet, take a trip out to the Easton Market Square this weekend and stop in and say Hello!   

Hope to see you this weekend!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Ariel view of Lavender Fields Farm at Warrington Manor.

Lavender Fields Farm at Warrington Manor
18864 Cool Spring Road.
Milton, Delaware 19968

From 10000 ft !!! (I'm only guessing on the altitude). You can't get a better picture than this! Isn't it wonderful? 
This amazing photo of Lavender Fields Farm was taken by Air Photo Inc, out of Everett, WA.  I'm not to sure of how this all came about but look at the picture, it's pretty stink'in cool!  It really puts the farm into perspective.
Now lets take a tour!
On the left-hand side of Lavender Fields Farm you are able to see all of the different varieties of French Lavender.  From front to back we have Grosso, Provence, Fred Boutin, Provence and the last bed is mixed with several different French varieties of lavender.  Next, there is a Labryinth and the veggie garden.
I'm not sure when this was taken it may have been late spring of last year.  (I say this because in the fall we added a huge greenhouse that now sits behind the two silos.)
Moving to the far right of Lavender Fields Farm we have English Lavender.  (back to front) First, Hidcote lavender, then a mixed bed,  and a huge bed of Munstead lavender.  The last large bed is a mix of Hidcote, Grosso, Provence  and Irene Doyle. 
In the middle of the farm you can see (front to back) the house, The Lavender Fields Cottage Store, several flower beds, The Grove which is a meeting area and finally the "Barn" another place for get togethers.
Wow, that's alot on just 5 acres. 
Hope you've had fun, now you have to come and see it in person.
See ya soon,

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week 2 at Lavender Fields!

Things have been moving right along here at Lavender Fields Farm.  Lavender Fields Farm is located on Coolsprings Rd. but this week has been anything but cool.  This week has been very HOT! Who would have guessed that during the first week of April, Southern Delaware would be breaking record high temps. Lavender loves it hot and dry, so this hot weather has been ideal for greening up our winter lavender plants.
Lavender Fields sits in zone 7, as does all of Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic region.  Southern Delawares growing conditions are perfect for this orginally mediterranean plant. I like to tell visitors who are wanting to buy lavender plants, lavender is very easy to grow.  Lavender like it sunny, hot and dry! Poor, sandy soil is great, lavender needs good drainage. If that sounds anything like your yard, lavender is the plant for you!

This English variety of lavender, Hidcote, sit in a field of 700 plants that I planted in the Spring of 2008.

Lavender Fields Farm also has a huge veggie garden, I think it's about 100x50, don't ask me to swear to it  though!

Rhubarb and strawberry pie are one of my all-time favorite things! Yum! 

Sunflowers and Pumpkins that Sharon Harris (owner/Big Boss) started in the greenhouse. The brand new greenhouse, erected in the fall of 2009, thanx to my two favorite guys, my husband and Mr Lonnie.  We had a huge problem last year with the rabbits eating the green off of everything that we started in the ground. Hopefully, we've outsmarted them this year.
Finally, the peas are up and growing. It sure took them long enough. Marie Mayer (owner/Big Boss) planted these 2 weeks ago and they're finally popping out of the ground.

So things really are coming along, although there's still lots to do.
Hear from me soon,
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