Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Ariel view of Lavender Fields Farm at Warrington Manor.

Lavender Fields Farm at Warrington Manor
18864 Cool Spring Road.
Milton, Delaware 19968

From 10000 ft !!! (I'm only guessing on the altitude). You can't get a better picture than this! Isn't it wonderful? 
This amazing photo of Lavender Fields Farm was taken by Air Photo Inc, out of Everett, WA.  I'm not to sure of how this all came about but look at the picture, it's pretty stink'in cool!  It really puts the farm into perspective.
Now lets take a tour!
On the left-hand side of Lavender Fields Farm you are able to see all of the different varieties of French Lavender.  From front to back we have Grosso, Provence, Fred Boutin, Provence and the last bed is mixed with several different French varieties of lavender.  Next, there is a Labryinth and the veggie garden.
I'm not sure when this was taken it may have been late spring of last year.  (I say this because in the fall we added a huge greenhouse that now sits behind the two silos.)
Moving to the far right of Lavender Fields Farm we have English Lavender.  (back to front) First, Hidcote lavender, then a mixed bed,  and a huge bed of Munstead lavender.  The last large bed is a mix of Hidcote, Grosso, Provence  and Irene Doyle. 
In the middle of the farm you can see (front to back) the house, The Lavender Fields Cottage Store, several flower beds, The Grove which is a meeting area and finally the "Barn" another place for get togethers.
Wow, that's alot on just 5 acres. 
Hope you've had fun, now you have to come and see it in person.
See ya soon,

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