Friday, April 16, 2010

Lavender Fields Farms opens store in Easton!

So we've made it to Friday, the end of week 3 here at Lavender Fields Farm.  Hooray!  Everyone has been pitching in to get things ready for the May 1st opening of the Lavender Fields Farm at Warrington Manor.  There really is a lot to do, mainly repotting of all the lavender cuttings (new plants) that were taken in the fall.   The Lavender Ladies guestimate is close to 5000 baby lavender plants need to be repotted into bigger pots.  Kudos to owners Sharon Harris and Marie Mayer who have done almost all the repotting in less than a week!

So with all that needs to be done here at Lavender Fields Farm in Milton, De., the Lavender Ladies have decided to expand, why not right?!  Now you can find the Lavender Ladies at their new store in the Easton Market Square.  Easton is a beautiful and historic town located on Marylands Eastern Shore.

The Lavender Fields Farm Cottage Store will be open at the Easton Market Square, this weekend April 17.

Owner Marianne Etu was busy this week at the Easton Market Square Store filling the shelves with all things Lavender.  At the newly opened Cottage store you will find lavender plants, lavender soaps and lotions, lavender filled eye pillows and neckwraps...  Hold on let me scroll down and see what else they have to offer... Oh my goodness, the culinary lavender, lavender jellies and jams, Lavender Herbs de Provence, I could go on and on.
Better yet, take a trip out to the Easton Market Square this weekend and stop in and say Hello!   

Hope to see you this weekend!

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  1. Heading for the Easton Outpost NOW! :) In need of special gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week! :) HI to C + C!