Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week 2 at Lavender Fields!

Things have been moving right along here at Lavender Fields Farm.  Lavender Fields Farm is located on Coolsprings Rd. but this week has been anything but cool.  This week has been very HOT! Who would have guessed that during the first week of April, Southern Delaware would be breaking record high temps. Lavender loves it hot and dry, so this hot weather has been ideal for greening up our winter lavender plants.
Lavender Fields sits in zone 7, as does all of Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic region.  Southern Delawares growing conditions are perfect for this orginally mediterranean plant. I like to tell visitors who are wanting to buy lavender plants, lavender is very easy to grow.  Lavender like it sunny, hot and dry! Poor, sandy soil is great, lavender needs good drainage. If that sounds anything like your yard, lavender is the plant for you!

This English variety of lavender, Hidcote, sit in a field of 700 plants that I planted in the Spring of 2008.

Lavender Fields Farm also has a huge veggie garden, I think it's about 100x50, don't ask me to swear to it  though!

Rhubarb and strawberry pie are one of my all-time favorite things! Yum! 

Sunflowers and Pumpkins that Sharon Harris (owner/Big Boss) started in the greenhouse. The brand new greenhouse, erected in the fall of 2009, thanx to my two favorite guys, my husband and Mr Lonnie.  We had a huge problem last year with the rabbits eating the green off of everything that we started in the ground. Hopefully, we've outsmarted them this year.
Finally, the peas are up and growing. It sure took them long enough. Marie Mayer (owner/Big Boss) planted these 2 weeks ago and they're finally popping out of the ground.

So things really are coming along, although there's still lots to do.
Hear from me soon,
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