Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week 4 The Wisteria is in Bloom!!!

Lavender Fields Farm at Warrington Manor isn't just a Lavender Farm there is so much more to see and enjoy.  Everyone that knows and loves the Lavender Farm has a favorite "thing".  For instance, we have several ladies that come out to the lavender farm just to visit the cats. (Next week we'll talk cats, but let me just say, when I die I would like to come back as a cat!) 
OK, back to favorites, everyone has one.  Some people visit for the vegetable garden others for the Herb Gardens.  Many people come to sit and relax in the shade underneath the Grove.  But, generally if you ask someone what their favorite thing at Lavender Fields Farm is they will quickly answer The Labyrinth. 
The Lavender Fields Labyrinth is an exact duplicate of the Labyrinth embedded in the floor of the Cathedral of Chartres (Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral). The Chartres Cathedral is located about 80 km from Paris and was dedicated on October 24, 1260. It has eleven circuits, is 42 feet in diameter and a ½ mile journey to walk both in and out.
At this time of year the french lavender that surrounds the labyrinth isn't in bloom but... the wisteria is blooming enmasse and is beautiful!

I would imagine the wisteria will quickly become one of the many favorite things to visit here at Lavender Fields Farm at Warrington Manor in beautiful Southern Delaware!

Hope to see you soon!


  1. The wisteria looks AMAZING! Glad you posted it, otherwise, we would have missed it! Lucas says HI to C + C!

  2. Thanx! Tell L we hope to see him soon, less than a month to go!

  3. Would you be willing to share your plan for the lavender labyrinth? I live on a beautiful and magical piece of land in California. I would love to create a lavender labyrinth as a healing tool. I live with a couple of friends who are facing some major health challenges and this would be a wonderful thing to add to the beauty of our land. How big is yours? What style did you use? Do you have any pictures? PS: I love your music. Almost didn't want to leave your site.