Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 6

A post or two ago I mentioned Mickey the cat, well... he has been very elusive.  Must be the time of year, I'm finding it very difficult to catch up/get in touch with alot of people (and cats).  He can't hide forever, sooner or later I will post his pic.

Mickey aside, things are banging along here at Lavender Fields Farm.  Sharon has just about finished repotting all of the lavender cuttings that were taken in the fall, 5000 little baby lavender plants I'd say thats alot.  Job well done!
We have a few weeks until the English Lavender starts to bloom but there is still plenty to see here at Lavender Fields Farm.  As I mentioned last week the iris beds are all a-bloom.  The irises are so lovely, here at the farm there are three different iris beds each with a variety of colors.  
Irises and in the back left is the Dahlia bed, oh my, just wait 'til that starts blooming!!!

Irises aren't they wonderful?!

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  1. Need some tips... what is a good lavender for a french chateau farm i want deep color?