Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 13 Time to harvest the lavender

How Beautiful is that?! 
So I thought, before the day gets too hot we could talk about harvesting that beautiful lavender you have growing in your garden.  Here at Lavender Fields, the lavender has been blooming for several weeks and it is finally at the point were it needs to be harvested.  Why harvest you may ask?  Well...  We harvest both the english and french lavender for use in the products that are sold in the Lavender Fields Cottage store.  Ok, you may not be making hundreds of eye pillows or a thousand bars of lavender infused soap but for the sake of your lavender make sure you harvest your lavender flowers.  Here's why:  Harvesting your lavender plant by 1/3 helps to encourage new growth (next year, more flowers/bigger plant).  When you harvest your lavender flowers you are helping to maintain the proper shape.  A properly shaped lavender plant is less likely to become woody or crack in the middle.  Harvested lavender lives a longer healthier life.  And finally, if you harvest your lavender you may be lucky enough to get a second bloom, especially with an English variety like Hidcote.  So lets harvest those plants! 
Disclaimer:  For the sake of the pictures we will actually be harvesting Super a french variety, it has nice long stems which will make it easier to see what is being done.
Grab a bundle of flowers and set your huge sharp cutting thing (scary, huh?!) at the base of the stems and cut. (Carl is a great hand model!)
Make your way around the entire plant.  (be careful of your fingers Carl!)
Almost done!
Finished at last!
Notice Carl left about two inches of green all around.  
Bundled, tied and ready to hang in the drying barn.
So there you have it,  lavender harvesting made easy! 
Thanks Carl!
'Til next week! 

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