Thursday, July 8, 2010

An Accidental Garden?

Here at Lavender Fields Farm you expect and want to see lavender!  Come for a visit and you'll see 5 acres of lavender in perfectly planted rows.   We have over 36 varieities of lavender here at the farm.  If you time your visit just right you can walk the fields in bloom and see hundreds of bees buzzing from plant to plant.  You can walk past a shady grove of trees and enter the labyrinth that is surrounded by english lavender.  Lavender Fields also has several raised gardens that contain wonderfully scented herb such as basil, rosemary, thyme and a wide variety of mints.  Last year we added a huge vegetable garden at the far end of the property and I'm happy to say, it's already overflowing with cucumbers, tomatoes, squash and various hot peppers. We also have a perennial garden and a gorgeous red rose garden.
Those are all things you should plan on and expect to see when you visit us here at Lavender Fields but that's not all we have.  Today, while weeding, I discovered a completly unexpected and unplanned garden growing in the rose garden.   
Sunflowers, thanks to a birdbath that was once filled with birdseed! 
One yellow rose shining brightly in a whole bed of red roses!  
And my biggest surprise, finding lavender growing where it was never planted!  Hmmm... seeds fallen from a lavender plant?! 

Along with the all wonderful things you expect to see when you visit Lavender Fields Farm you can now stop and see our newest addition; "An accidental garden".    
See ya next time,
Next week ask me about Eloise! 

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