Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trust me, it isn't hard to find Lavender Fields Farm but if your unfamiliar with the area it could be a little confusing.  Cool Spring Road runs north and south across Route 9, unfortunately, many visitors turn north onto the wrong side of Cool Spring Road.  If your like me, give me a landmark and I can find my way to the moon.  Sadly, Route 9 is lacking in decent landmarks other than the train tracks and a faded piece of purple fabric that when travelling at 50 mph are easily missed.    
Well, miss us no more!  Look what the D.O.T put up last week!!  
Now, whether you travel east or west on Route 9 you will definately be able to see our new blue and purple signs with the Lavender Fields Farm logo. It's been a long time coming but they're finally here.  Hopefully, you will be too!    

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