Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week 26 Pretty Amazing!

Full speed ahead!
We've come along way since my Week 1 post and even though we have 26 weeks under our belt  I'm happy to say there is so much more to come here at Lavender Fields Farm.  The season isn't over yet and if you haven't noticed I've added the Lavender Fields Farm calender to the sidebar.  (I'm still trying to work out a few gliches and hope to add more events) The calender will list the dates and times of events and activities here at the Lavender Farm and also events in and around the area.

Now on to a question that comes up quite a bit...
The Labryinth!
The Lavender Fields Labyrinth is an exact duplicate of the Labyrinth embedded in the floor of the Cathedral of Chartres (Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral). The Chartres Cathedral is located about 80 km from Paris and was dedicated on October 24, 1260. It has eleven circuits, is 42 feet in diameter and a ½ mile journey to walk both in and out.  Built in 2008, the arbor is encased in a lovely lavender colored Wisteria.  When you enter through the arbor you will see that the labryinth is surrounded by a beautiful green fence of Cryptomeria and a lowerer planting of Hidcote lavender.   The Lavender Fields Labryinth is a wonderful journey not to be missed! 
You can read more here:  

Now on to big business here at Lavender Fields Farm...  Taking Cuttings! 
Spring and Fall are the best time to propogate lavender and we've been very busy taking cuttings.  There are alot of new "babies", just about 5000, waiting to be placed in the greenhouse for the winter.
Both English and French Lavender

Don't they look GREAT!

Here's Carl trying to finish up, today he was working on Jean Davis and Royal Velvet lavender. 
You Go Carl!   
This week we should be finishing up with the cuttings.  
Next week, we should be moving on to the final harvest of the season!  
Hidcote is in its second bloom and looks fabulous!  Hurry out so you don't miss it. (You still have time it takes several weeks to harvest).
Next week I hope to show you pic's of our new butterfly and bee garden.      

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