Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome To Lavender Fields Farm!!!

Welcome to Lavender Fields Farm.
Lavender Fields is a small 5 acre lavender farm located in Southern Delaware.  Along with several variety of English and French lavender, which is planted throughout the property there is also a beautiful Cottage store. 
The Cottage stores sells everything lavender!  We have many bath and body products; soaps, lotions, powders, lavender essential oil and of course lavender filled eye-pillows!  The Lavender filled eye-pillows and the lavender neckwraps are a huge hit at our local Farmers Market.  We also have an extenstive culinary section.  Who knew you could cook with lavender???  Well you can!  Lavender is an herb and you can use it as you would rosemary, sage or thyme.  My all-time favorite thing to make are the Lavender Cookies, they are the best-ever!
You can read all about the Farm and its history here .

I hope to post all the "goings on" at the farm.  We have a huge veggie garden that needs to be tilled, a million bees that have been busy making honey, a brand new greenhouse and alot, and I mean alot of new (baby) lavender plants that need to be put into bigger pots. 
So hopefully, I can til the garden, plant the plants and blog about all the great stuff going on at the "Farm".

Hear from me soon,