Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wow, What a week!

What a hurried week it's been with so much going on and no time to get it all done.  I'm sure you've all been there!  Surprises around all corners, all week!  We had a wonderful group visit us from the beautiful water front community of Ocean Pines, Md.  I absolutely love it there!  Nice quite neighborhood, lots of pools, great yacht club and great golf course, if you're a golfer. (Yes, golf is on my "Bucket List")

Look, I caught Sharon off guard!  Funny!!!
Owner Maria Mayer, with friends who were visiting from Mexico City and Washington D.C. 

Imagine my surprise when I heard Kevin Fleming was in our gardens!  Whew, I ran as fast as I could for my cheap little Walmart camera.  Kevin Fleming is a local Delawarean who has photographed the "World".  You can read more about Kevin Fleming here 
Mr Fleming spent the morning photographing the wildlife around Lavender Fields Farm.  I caught Mr Fleming here, photographing butterflies in one of our perrenial gardens.  The Crepe Mrytle in this garden is always filled with a huge varieties of butterflies.  I hope they're cooperating!

I thought it best to ask if I could take his pic, sadly, my camera is nothing compared to his and this is the best of the 20 or so shots I took. Kevin had his lovely assistant Autumn helping him throughout the day.  
I'm very excited to see what comes of the day Kevin Fleming spent at Lavender Fields Farm!  Hmmm...  maybe Lavender Fields Farm will be in an upcoming book?! 
Oh, and I've decided to start saving for a new camera, Mr Fleming said my camera was a tad bit slow! 
Hear from me soon!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Visit from the Master Gardenders

Just a quick bleep on the Lavender Fields Farm radar this morning.  I want to post a quick thank you to the Queen Annes County, MD. Chapter of Master Gardeners.  With over a hundred members, we were very happy to have 20 memers of their group visit us yesterday for lunch and a tour of the Lavender Fields Farm. 

Thank you for braving the heat and humidity!  We hope to see you again soon.
Heather @ LFF

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

     Working outside you have to be aware of and plan for the weather.  A hot and sunny day at Lavender Fields means extra water and sunscreen, a cool and breezy day, I'm pulling out the long sleeves and my to-go cup filled to the brim with piping hot coffee (can't wait for fall).  Now rain... that's a whole 'nother story.  When it rains I'm lucky enough to sit at home in my studio with Rosie our dog, a pot of coffee, and CNN, and still be able to contribute to the success of the farm.  
     In the Lavender Fields Cottage store almost all of the products for sale are handmade by local crafts people (actually, I can't think of any that aren't!).  Our amazingly talented group of crafts people transform the lavender that is grown and harvested right here on the farm into the products sold in the store; lavender soaps, lavender lotions, lavender bug away, (keeps away the bugs) culinary items, jams and jellies, sachets, moth-away, eye pillows, neck wraps the list goes on...  
     Back to the weather...  All week the weatherman has been predicting rain and severe thunderstorms for the early morning and afternoon hours (when I'm at the farm) across all of Southern Delaware.  I hate not having a plan, so with the impending rain I've channeled my creative spirit and plan sit at the sewing machine until the sun comes back out.   Sadly, the weatherman was a little of the mark, most of the rain has fallen late in the afternoon and evening hours, but not all is lost.  For two days I've been able to sit quietly (the kids are at camp) and create!

Soon to be lavender filled shoe-stuffers.  I start by embroidering strips of crisp white cotton.   
Each piece is then hand-cut and pinned together.
Each one is filled with our dried lavender, I add a ribbon, it's sewn shut and then ready to be sold in the Cottage store.
I've also been working on lavender filled satchets.  
Depending on the weather, I may get more of these done tomorrow?!
Hope to see you soon!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

An Accidental Garden?

Here at Lavender Fields Farm you expect and want to see lavender!  Come for a visit and you'll see 5 acres of lavender in perfectly planted rows.   We have over 36 varieities of lavender here at the farm.  If you time your visit just right you can walk the fields in bloom and see hundreds of bees buzzing from plant to plant.  You can walk past a shady grove of trees and enter the labyrinth that is surrounded by english lavender.  Lavender Fields also has several raised gardens that contain wonderfully scented herb such as basil, rosemary, thyme and a wide variety of mints.  Last year we added a huge vegetable garden at the far end of the property and I'm happy to say, it's already overflowing with cucumbers, tomatoes, squash and various hot peppers. We also have a perennial garden and a gorgeous red rose garden.
Those are all things you should plan on and expect to see when you visit us here at Lavender Fields but that's not all we have.  Today, while weeding, I discovered a completly unexpected and unplanned garden growing in the rose garden.   
Sunflowers, thanks to a birdbath that was once filled with birdseed! 
One yellow rose shining brightly in a whole bed of red roses!  
And my biggest surprise, finding lavender growing where it was never planted!  Hmmm... seeds fallen from a lavender plant?! 

Along with the all wonderful things you expect to see when you visit Lavender Fields Farm you can now stop and see our newest addition; "An accidental garden".    
See ya next time,
Next week ask me about Eloise! 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!