Monday, May 9, 2011

Welcome to Lavender Fields Farm Delaware 2011

I hope everyone had a safe and warm winter.  I'm happy to say winter is long gone and many of you are already in the fast lane headed towards summer!  Yes, it's been awhile for a post here on the blog but the season has started and I'm ready, are you?   Full steam-a-head!

The Lavender Ladies have been very busy with many new additions to the "Farm".   We can happily say we're on track towards being "off the grid".  SOLAR PANELS! Yea! Kudos to the Ladies for making that decision!  The Solar panels were added to the roof of the gift shop, I was very suprised at how quickly they were installed.  Nice job fella's! 
You'll notice that we've updated many of the gardens.  Last fall we divided bulbs, dug up perennials and transplanted them throughout several gardens.  Carl has spent many an hour mulching, sorry Carl the truck is coming next week with more mulch!  (the gardens are gorgeous!)  Finally, one of the biggest events this spring was the instillation of the new septic field.   For those of you that have visited Lavender Fields Farm you'll know that the number one question is...  "When are you putting in your Tea Room?"  Well, I think this is a giant baby step towards that goal.  Horaay, right?!

So lets get to some pictures.

Before (well, actually in the process)

After.   Looks pretty nifty and energy efficient too! 

One of the front gardens
The gift shop has a whole new look.
Lavender Bug-away is in stock!

 Lavender Fields Farm at Warringtion Manor is open daily 10am-4pm
18864 Coolspring Rd
Milton, De. 19968
(302) 684-1514