Thursday, July 7, 2011

Welcome the long hot days of July!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July.
Things have been heating up at the farm, the temp's have been in the 90's everyday, but that isn't holding us back.
We have been busy fluffing, harvesting and adding new attractions.
In June our student intern; Christian, arrived. Christian plans to spend six weeks with us learning the in's and out's of a working lavender farm. Eventually, Christian plans to own and operate his own nursery specializing in tropical plants.
Here at the farm we've also been busy working to better the "secret trail". Over the holiday weekend we added a homemade tree swing (very fun, tried it myself) and today Linda finally hung a sign pointing you in that direction! The sign is very cool, it points you towards the short or long trail of the "secret trail". Let me know which you like better?!
So the heat can't beat us down, we're still staying very busy.

Next week, I hope to show you a special project Christian is working on, a Rain Garden. The project is based on the idea of storm water management to help reduce erosion, flooding, and pollution associated with excessive amounts of runoff.
So more on that next week!
See you then,